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10 Spanish Startups to watch in 2018 and beyond




Spain has a very vibrant startup scene. Barcelona and Madrid are two major cities in the country that take the lead when it comes to Spanish innovation, business and tech. Spain is a major host of international events that attract experts from various fields around the world. In 2018, Spanish startups received funding to the tune of €214 million.

So which startups are shaking up the market from Spain?

1. Bipi mobility

This startup is undoubtedly charting new paths in the transport industry. The startup is specifically built for car rental experiences. With modern subscription services that make it easy to get access to car rental services, Bipi mobility is changing up the landscape in a major way.

The startup uses technology to ensure that users are given a convenient car rental service. The startup already has over €2.5 million in funding.

2. 21 Buttons

21 Buttons is all about making the fashion industry a much more sensible space. This startup focuses on bringing together influencers who share their wardrobe. The Barcelona based startup aims to make it easier for fashion enthusiasts to see what their favorite influencers are wearing. The platform is both great as a social and shopping network. With over €12 million in funding, the startup will definitely shake up the industry.

3. Coverfy

This startup is all about bringing better experiences to those who have bought into various insurance services. Coverfy is based in Barcelona and it provides users with an app that can simplify the process of insurance services management. The startup has already won a couple of accolades due to its innovation. It has so far garnered over €4.3 million in funding to champion its cause.

4. OnTruck

The logistics business is often touted as one of the most strenuous. This is why OnTruck ventured into this business to change it up. The startup aims to make logistics a seamless and hassle-free process by connecting businesses with road freight companies. The startup uses automation to match shipments with the carrier. The startup has €41 million in funding.

5. Finizens

Finizens is all about enabling users save their money. This financial services startup allows users to invest in accessible portfolios and thus provide an ideal savings solution. The financial services realm indeed has major potential for the future. According to Admiral Markets, access to low-cost investments will be the key to boosting savings and investments in the near future. With €4.7 million already raised, Finizens is on track to bring better savings solutions to the masses.


This startup is based in Barcelona and it aims to bring convenience to the property industry. With innovative imaging technology, the startup is able to identify and classify property and assign tags for the internet consumers. The startup thus not only has benefits for property dealers but also buyers who will be able to easily access the right property. The startup has already won accolades in Europe and the €2.9 million funding it has will help it achieve its goals in the near future.

7. Geoblink

Geoblink is another startup that focuses on using location services to help businesses achieve their full potential. The startup is poised to bring changes in the real estate, retail and FMCG industries among others. The startup already has €6.5 million in funding which will allow it to spread its wings across Spain.

8. Factorial

Factorial aims at transforming front office services. This startup helps small and medium businesses achieve their human resources services without burning resources. The startup has a cloud service from where all the management services are done. The startup has €500,000 in funding and it is on its way to bringing efficiency in the HR management services.

9. Mr Jeff

Mr Jeff is a startup that aims to make laundry services more accessible to all. The startup has a mobile platform that allows users to request for laundry services at their own convenience. The company then performs the services at the agreed time. Mr Jeff already has a $3.1 million investment to aid with its expansion services.

10. Glovo

Finally, Glovo is a startup that is bringing down the barrier of access to product delivery services. The startup specializes in delivering goods within an hour thus making it the go-to platform for speed and convenience. The startup deals in delivering products from shops, restaurants and other firms that deal in consumer goods. The startup has received over €37 million in funding at it is already in nine countries.

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